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MGD and RaptorsHQ's "Best Seats in the House" Contest

Mr. MacClure invites you to the first of Raptors HQ and MGD's "Best Seats in the House" contests...
Mr. MacClure invites you to the first of Raptors HQ and MGD's "Best Seats in the House" contests...

First a new team member from the Score's "Drafted," then an intern competition.  What's next for the HQ?  How about the first in 3 contests partnering the HQ with MGD...

Hi, my name is Franchise.

You may know me from such posts as "Is Marcus Banks the Key to the Season," and "First Impressions of Earth...Post-Draft Thoughts at 3 AM."

Today, with a lull in Raptors action, I figured it would be a good time to talk to you about a little something we'd like to call the MGD/RaptorsHQ "Best Seats in the House" Contest.

We're extremely excited to be partnering with MGD this season, and over the next 3 months will be holding 3 different contests to give our readers a chance to take in a Raps game with us...sitting in MGD's "Best Seats in the House" of course!

The first two contests will be for games in December and January, with two readers accompanying us, but these will lead up to the big event in February, where we'll have the full 12 person box to ourselves!

How do you enter for a chance to win?

It's pretty simple.

Just "like" our Facebook page, and that of MGD, and be one of the first two readers to email us with the correct answer to the following question, in honour of Reggie Evans.

Evans became the fifth Raptor in franchise history to grab 10 rebounds in a game before scoring a basket.  Name two of the other four.

Easy as Reggie grabbing a board right?

The only catch is that the contest has a small window and runs from the time of this post to 4 PM this afternoon.

Why the small window?  Well, primarily because the game you will be attending if you are one of the two contest winners is this Friday's match against OKC!

So get those answers in via email (comment section doesn't count) and we'll announce the winners on the site later in the evening!

As well, keep checking back with MGD's Facebook page throughout the season for more great contests and giveaways!