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Raptors' Rapid Recap - Costly Loss as Raptors Lose Evans to Injury

-The Toronto Raptors dropped a 110 to 101 decision to the Boston Celtics in a game that looked like a Celtics' blowout from the jump.  Toronto managed to fight back however in the second and fourth quarters, but in the end, the C's talent won out.

-Leading the way for the Celtics was the combo of Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett.  Rondo gave the Raptors fits in the first quarter as the C's dropped 31 on the Dinos.  Garnett finished with 26 points and 11 rebounds but more importantly, gave the C's an energy and swagger that they lacked last Sunday.  On the Raptors side, Linas Kleiza had 18 off the bench while Barbosa had 14 and Stojakovic had 13.

-Notice a common theme for the Raptors?  Yes, it was the bench that kept them in this one.  Toronto's bench outclassed that of the C's with Big Baby Davis the only real threat off the pine.  But considering how dominant Boston's starters were, it hardly mattered that Toronto had a good effort from the bench.  Bargnani, Weems and DeRozan combined for only 19 points on 6 of 25 shooting.

-Most importantly?  Reggie Evans could be done for a while.  He appeared to land awkwardly on his right foot and had to hobble off to the Raptors' locker room late in the game.  Now word has come back that it's a fractured right foot, and that means at least a month or two on the DL I'd assume.

-This of course changes everything.  Suddenly Andrea Bargnani will be back under the microscope, Ed Davis call-up speculation will begin, and guys like Amir Johnson and Joey Dorsey need to be ready to play major minutes.  This game might not have been a big loss on the scoreboard, but it's a crushing one for a player who was finally healthy after an extremely tough year last season, and suddenly the Hawks match looming on Sunday looks like an enormous hurdle for the Dinos.