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Canadian Content

Today we start off the weekend with a short but sweet edition that features a look at the Halifax Rainmen's training camp, a preview of the coming CIS weekend, the secret to Simon Fraser's success, a couple of big high school tournaments and more right here in Canadian Content ...


First we start off with some pro news ...

Here are some highlights from the Rainmen's training camp ... Mav's Gillis At Halifax Rainmen Media Day | Video, Rainmen, Basketball, November, Halifax, Mavs, Doing | | Halifax



And now for some NCAA news ...

First we have a look at Kris Joseph by the guys over at Draft Express ... DraftExpress: Top NBA Draft Prospects in the Big East, Part One (#1-5)

And here is a look at the reason for the success of the Clan ... SFU's brave new basketball journey fuelled by top US transfers - Little Man On Campus


And now for some CIS news ...

Here is a look at the coming weekend in the CIS thanks to our colleague Mark Wacyk at CIS Weekend Preview

Ferguson stands on guard for Canadian hoops | The Gateway

T-Birds find familiar perch

UBC coach finds success with two point guards

Struggle in Sudan drives SAIT rookie

Huskies hoopsters head into break on a high

Blues collared |


And last but not least here are some high school looks at some big tournaments ...

First a look at the Court Heinbach Classic from our boys over at ... Court Heinbuch Classic – Schedule & Nationally Ranked Prospects | Flagrant Fouls

And then a look at the Freeds Tip Off Tournament ... Hoops field expected to be best ever