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Lunchbox Links

Tom Liston of Raptors Republic drops volume three of Statophile. A must-read for fans of advanced stats.

Speaking of which, Wayne Winston provides an updated version of his NBA Power Ratings.

The NBeh? blog analyzes the trade between the Toronto Raptors and New Orleans Hornets.

Jarrett Jack on the difference between the Raptors and Hornets:

"It was great," the veteran point guard acquired by New Orleans in Saturday's five-player trade with Toronto told FanHouse after the Hornets' loss to the Clippers on Monday night. "The overall atmosphere here was different. The guys wanting to be successful is totally different. ... There are guys who have been in that (winning) situation here, established, veteran guys, All-Star guys -- Emeka Okafor, David West, of course Chris (Paul), who has been around the block before. In Toronto, we were a very young team, and had guys who were kind of going through it and seeing the experience at the same time."

This is just sad.