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Contest: SB Nation is Giving Away a Free Samsung 3D TV!

Franchise's favourite TV moment...what was yours?
Franchise's favourite TV moment...what was yours?

So you're sitting around watching Bargnani fail to box players out and you're probably thinking to yourself:

"man, that wasn't Bargs' fault, if I could just see this in 3D I'd be able to tell that Kleiza should have had that guy!"


Now you CAN watch it in 3D if you win SB Nation's "Samsung 3D TV Contest!"

It's simple.

Just leave a comment here answering the following question:

"Whats the best sports moment you ever watched on television?"

Mine would have to be the drafting of Rafael Araujo but hey, that's just me!

SB Nation will be selecting the winner on November 24th via a random drawing of all the people who commented in the above linked post.

One slight catch though.  In order to be eligible to win, you have to follow SB Nation on Twitter and "Like" SB Nation on Facebook.

But that's easier than liking Jarrett Jack's shot selection lately isn't it?

Again, click here for the full rules and details, and good luck to all!  We're hoping here at the HQ that one of our readers takes this baby home...

...because then we're all coming over to watch Andrea dominate in 3D...