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NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Nov. 13

Today we have all the games that have Canadians playing in them plus a great marquee match up in the first Super Saturday in this NC-Double-Eh Schedule ...


Marquee Match Up

9:00pm Austin vs. Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech hung in the game against Texas on Wednesday, until about midway through the first half.  Not a good game for them since the game got out of hand for the Bulldogs. The lone bright spot, at least from a Canadian basketball fan’s point of view, is that Olu Ashoalu had a good game.  Playing against a superior defense and having a guy like Tristan Thompson hovering around, if not guarding him, all night Olu managed a double-double of 13 points and 11 rebounds before fouling out with just over five minutes in the game. Today, he should be ripe from the spanking he took from the Longhorns and should come out cocked, locked and ready to rock.  I’m just happy that I’m not the guy guarding him tonight.


4:00pm McNeese State vs. WashingtonDiego Kapelan has probably been one of the best kept secrets when it comes to Canadians playing down south.  This kid can shoot the rock and it’s worth seeing him shoot it up against an NCAA Tournament team like Washington. 

4:00pm UC-Irvine vs. USC

4:00pm Harvard vs. George Mason

6:00pm Texas-Pan American vs. Eastern Kentucky

6:00pm Iona vs. Cleveland State

7:00pm Davidson @ Pennsylvania

7:00pm Binghamton vs. Colgate – Binghamton will likely not be a great team this season and may not even be all that good to start the season but I do want to see Chretien Lukusa play.  This guy has really become a better overall player playing his four good and bad years as a Bearcat.  I’m really curious to see if Coach Macon will let Lukusa be more of an offensive guy now.

8:00pm Hendrix College vs. Central Arkansas

8:05pm Texas Southern vs. Drake – Toronto’s Kurt Alexander, a Junior College All American last season, will make his regular season debut for Drake.  I think he is one to keep an eye on for sure. 

9:00pm Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs. Colorado State

9:30pm Detroit vs. New Mexico

10:00pm UC Davis vs. Portland – after a good game in a great win as a starter, Nem Mitrovic will have a chance to start off his junior season with a bang.  11 pts and 5 rbs in 17 minutes from the guard spot is very efficient.  I wonder what Nem can do if he stays on the floor longer …

11:00pm Eastern Oregon vs. Idaho