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The NC-Double-Eh Schedule - Nov. 10

A big game tonight early pitting the Texas duo of Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson against Louisiana Tech and thier former Grassroots teammate Olu Ashoalu ...


Louisiana Tech vs. Texas - 8pm

This game is a huge one early for not only Ashoalu and the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, but for Canadian basketball fans.  Cory and Tristan are taking on one of the first Canadians in recent memory to make a huge splash in the high school ranks in Ashoalu.  Olu had been ranked by most scouting services since he was 14 playing in Atlanta and then in Texas and likely may have paved the way for Thompson and Joseph to do what they did in high school.

Olu is the elder statesman between the three of them and this will be his Bulldog team with the departures of seniors Magnum Rolle and Kyle Gibson.  He's a junior now and his game has always been in the paint despite him being more a natural wing player.  If Olu stays in the frontcourt for this game, Thompson should be matched up with him on defense and this will be an interesting one to see. 

Of course, Cory and Tristan will have their time to shine tonight too.  Coming off good debuts Monday against Navy should give them a confidence boost, especially since they are playing at home.  Expect Cory to start again and Tristan to be the first player off the bench.  Thompson scored 12 pts and grabbed 7 rbs in 25 minutes on Monday and you can expect to see more of that kind of performance tonight.


For those of you at home, try to link to the game here, here or here.  Big shout to Ryan Kelly, Crown Magazine and Louisiana Tech's Patick Walsh for sending over some links.