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Raptors Rapid Recap: New York 98 Toronto 93

- Not the start Raptors fans were looking for. The Raptors, despite clawing back into what looked like a blow-out early, fell just short in the home opener starting the season with a loss to Atlantic division rival New York Knicks. It sure wasn't pretty basketball with both teams turning the ball over frequently, but it was an entertaining one.

- A brilliant start to the season for Andrea Bargnani. Early in the game Il Mago was putting the full arsenal of moves on display. He posted-up, shook his man and created on his own. By half he had 18 points. Unfortunately he only managed 4 in the second half. Hopefully he has a lot more first half performances this season. 

- Raptors MVP? Try Reggie Evans. For a player with so many flaws in his game he has learned how to have a tremendously positive impact on a game. Evans had 16 boards, 2 steals and a block, played great defense and not once did he force the action offensively. Someone should send this game tape to Kris Humphries.

- Early results show that the Knicks were not crazy to give Amare that massive contract. Amare had a really good night and was clutch down the stretch. When motivated he really does look like a dominant force. Unfortunately for Amare he is going to see a ton of double teams this season and the jury is out on whether the Knicks have the talent to make opposing teams pay. Tonight Amare got help from a variety of teammates including Ray Felton, Landry Fields and Wilson Chandler.

- Some small victories to tonight's game? The Raps didn't have a quarter where their opponent scored more than 30 (a common event last season),  there shouldn't be any further debate as to who should start at the PG spot for the Raps and the bench, despite a slow start, looks like a real positive. The team also did a decent job on the glass.

- The biggest disappointment tonight? The intro. Laughable.