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Lunchbox Links

Heading into tonight's season opener, the Raptors think they have an edge on the Knicks. Raptors Republic takes a look at the Dino's starting lineup and rotation.

Mike Prada of SB Nation lists the 25 most important figures of the NBA season.

Check out SB Nation's NBA Power Rankings.

NBA blog previews from CelticsBlog.

Arturo Galletti projects every single player in the NBA for 2010-11 and provides win predictions for every team. He also ranks Amir Johnson 30th in projected WP48.

The Raptors will experiment with dynamic ticket pricing for about 1,300 seats for every home game.

The Fan 590's Eric Smith on why the Raptors will not be a candidate for contraction.

Tim W. of The Picket Fence examines the Raptors' offense.

Linas Kleiza is looking to expand his game with the Raptors.

Joey Dorsey zeroes in on a new beginning.

WhatIf Sports previews and predicts the Eastern and Western Conferences. Here are more predictions from the Pick and Scroll blog, and Empty the Bench.

There’s a reason for fans of each and every team in the NBA to be excited for the beginning of a new basketball season.

In an attempt to crack down on anything resembling personal expression, the NBA has banned upside down headbands.