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Lunchbox Links

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Today's theme in the daily newspapers? Andrea Bargnani finally abandoning his seat at the front of the bus with the coaches to join Sonny Weems and crew in the back. Check out different versions of the same story from the Globe and Mail and Toronto Sun.

Unrealistic expectations? The Raptors' coaching staff would like DeMar DeRozan to make eight free throws a game.

A scout thinks DeRozan can be a superstar and reach the Vince Carter level... so at what point does he quit on the team and demand a trade?

Scott Carefoot of RaptorBlog profiles Leandro Barbosa.

Barring an Erick Dampier signing, it appears the Raptors roster is set.

It's starting to look like Jose Calderon will be the starting point guard.

Weems doesn't mind coming off the bench.

He's no Mars Blackmon. But here's comedian Ken Jeong as "Slim Chin" hyping Derrick Rose's newest shoes.