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Lunchbox Links

Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo and Charles Oakley are scheduled to attend this afternoon's announcement that Raptors NBA TV is transforming into NBA TV Canada.

ESPN columnist and Los Angeles Clippers season ticket holder Bill Simmons absolutely does not want to see the Raptors this season. But the money quote comes from Simmons' dad, who attended last Sunday's Celtics-Raptors preseason game:

"That was their whole team, right? I kept thinking someone was injured, then I realized that was probably their whole team."

The Toronto Star's Doug Smith breaks down the 10 players vying for five starting jobs... although I have my doubts that players like Leandro Barbosa and David Anderson are being considered for starting roles.

The NBA has suspended the Raptors' Joey Dorsey for one game for swinging his arm at Chicago Bulls forward Brian Scalabrine.

TrueHoop's Zach Harper asks should you build your team with a point guard? It's a solid argument that probably indicates Raptors fans should be happy with someone like Jarrett Jack running the show.

The NBA players association is planning legal action over the league's decision to issue more technical fouls for complaining.

You can't write a pot story about the NBA without including Michael Beasley.

Michael Jordan thinks he could score 100 points if he played in today's NBA. Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer doesn't agree.