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Canadian Content

Today we have more Kevin Pangos, an interview with Tanveer Bhullar, a new episode of the Kris and Scoop Show, Jevohn Sheppard is the player of the week in his German league, Joel Anthony, a look at a young baller thanks to the Drive Basketball program, Max Paulhus-Gosselin and a lot more in this edition of Canadian Content ...

We start off this edition with some pro news ...

Jconline - With hard work, Joel Anthony finds a home in Heat of things

Toronto faces basketball shoe shortage (sort of). Blame NAFTA. | ProBasketballTalk

Big shout to Jevohn Sheppard for being named player of the week in his league in Germany. Good lookin' out to Drew Ebanks of dunkuverymuch for the link ... German Basketball, Teams, Scores, Stats, News, Standings - EUROBASKET

Good to see that the PHASE 1 team is doing ok on it's foreign tour right now. Expect to hear more from them soon ... PHASE's 1 Canadian Select Team | PHASE 1 Basketball

And now for some NCAA stuff ...

Starting with ... The Scoop and Kris Show: Meet the Syracuse basketball team's freshmen |

Here is some News on Simon Fraser getting a TV package to show their games this season ...

Here is an interview with incoming Stanford freshman big Dwight Powell. Another big shout to our man Drew ...YouTube - DWIGHT POWELL INTERVIEW BY DREW EBANKS AT HOOPDOME SEPT. 2010

NCAA Division 1 calls Canadian ball players | The Toronto Observer

Update: Here's a look at Kelly Olynk from our SB Nation colleagues at The Slipper Still Fits ... 2010-2011 Player Previews: After a big summer, Olynyk appears ready to shine - The Slipper Still Fits

Next we have some high school news ...

Here's a great vid from the Drive Basketball team and an up and coming player ... YouTube - Tristan Etienne - DRIVE Basketball Academy, Class of 2014, Canada (8th Grade)

Andhere we have a nice interview with the younger Bhullar ... Sports Xpress Recruiting Xclusive: Tanveer Bhullar | SportsXpress on Xanga

Big shout to our peeps at Crown Magazine for this interview with Kevin Pangos ... Video: Pangos Talks Decision | Crown Magazine

Our boy Drew with another big interview this time with Kyle Julius of A Game Hoops ... YouTube - CROWN A-GAME'S GUELPH PHOENIX KYLE JULIUS INTERVIEW WITH DREW EBANKS, OCT 8, 2010 ... and an interview with both Kyle and his dad Stu on the A Game Hoops program ... YouTube - A-GAME HOOPS POST PRACTICE INTERVIEW BY DREW EBANKS WITH KYLE AND STU JULIUS, SEPT 2010

And an especially big shout to Jason Thom from the Score for getting this highlight package from the 2nd half of the All Canada Game together ... All Canada Classic 2nd Half Highlights | Video | The Score ... and if you missed the first half here it is ... All Canada Classic 1st Half Highlights | Video | The Score

Now onto the CIS news ...

Here is the recap from this weekend's tournament at Concordia ... Nike Tournament Glory | Sports | The Link

Our colleague Mark Wacyk at www.cishoops.cagives us the complete CISnon-conference schedule ... CIS CISNon-Conference Schedule

University Of British Columbia Thunderbirds - Exhibition basketball at War Gym this Friday

UBC: Exhibition Basketball at War Gym this Friday

On the rebound | - Sports - Hoop Gryphs hope additional experience pays off

King Midas on the court | The Eyeopener

For our francophone readers, here is an interview with Max Paulhus-Gosselin as he leads the Champlain-St Lambert Cavaliersin his first season as a head coach courtesy of our colleague Francis Jette at Jet7basket ... Entrevue Pré-saison Max Paulhus Gosselin des Cavaliers de Champlain | Entrevues Jet7basket sur le Terrain

And last but not least we have a great story from the referring ranks ... Welland ref picked to officiate basketball at Special Olympic Summer Games in Greece - Welland Tribune - Ontario, CA