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Raptors Rapid Recap - Toronto 108 - Philadelphia 106

-It took a somewhat suspect continuation call and a missed 3-pointer at the buzzer by Lou Williams, but the Toronto Raptors win their eighth game of the past nine with a 108 to 106 victory over the 76ers.

-Chris Bosh led all scorers with 29 points but it was Andrea Bargnani's 23 points, six rebounds and three blocks that really gave TO the boost it needed to pull this one out.  Andre Iguodala was an assist short of a triple double (17 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists) and Allen Iverson and Lou Williams had 22 and 23 points respectively for Philly.

-This one was no easy win for the Dinos.  They trailed Philadelphia by 11 at the half, were scorched on the fast break (34 to 16 overall) and were having major problems early on with Philly's quickness and athleticism.  However after allowing 20 free-throws in the first half, Toronto clamped down in the second giving up only five.

-As well, the 76ers continued to show how they've been shooting themselves in the foot this season.  After having the game in hand after the first half, the team imploded in the third quarter with nine turnovers, some horrific shooting, and suspect D.

-Up next for TO?  The dreaded Boston Celtics.  The Celts still aren't healthy but the Raps need a much better overall effort than both tonight, and the last time they played the C's.  A win Sunday could really give Toronto a nice run to star 2010 with games against New York and Indiana coming up, and the team finally above .500 and closing in on fifth place in the East.