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Lunchbox Links

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Check out the previews of tonight's Raptors-76ers game from, the Sporting News and Raptors Republic.

In Michael Grange's latest post, he asked someone to figure out the Raptors' defensive rating for their past eight games. T.Jose Caldesports' Chris Black delivers.

Check out the Adjusted Individual Defensive Efficiency Ratings from Basketball Geek. Chris Bosh is ranked 29th in the spreadsheet. But if you want to find most of the Raptors roster, you need to scroll to the bottom (does this surprise anyone?).

Feschuk's column describes Reggie Evans' gargantuan fur coat, but makes no mention of his gem-encrusted cane or pimp hat.

Tim from The Picket Fence questions the wisdom of trading Jose Calderon.

Toronto is one of the worst draws on the road in the NBA.

Casual fans continue to suck at All-Star balloting.

NBA Playbook takes an in-depth look at the Magic-Raptors game.

Grading the first 30.