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Lunchbox Links

Jose Calderon is set to return to the lineup tonight against the Orlando Magic. Chris Black explains why he's not (totally) to blame for Toronto's bad defence. Mr. Black also thinks the schedule has more to do with Toronto's defensive improvement than the play of Jarrett Jack. Meanwhile, Calderon is not rocking the boat.

Orlando Pinstriped Post looks at the Magic's recent shooting woes while the Orlando Sentinel points a finger in the direction of our beloved Vince Carter

The Raptors are winless in three meetings against the Magic this season. For previews of tonight's game, check out and Raptors Republic. Eric Smith and Paul Jones also checked in yesterday with a Vlog from Orlando.'s Scott Carefoot asks whether Chris Bosh is officially a top 10 player?

SLAM's 21 Questions asks whether Bosh is the new Elton Brand (peak performer on a bad team) or the new Pau Gasol (peak performer waiting for a better situation)? I'm going with Gasol.

The next time you hear someone argue that Andrea Bargnani doesn't grab a lot of rebounds because he's on the perimeter, remember this quote from Charlotte's Gerald Wallace:

"I knew this season we would need a lot of rebounds,'' Wallace told Fanhouse last week. "So I made this (winning the title) one of my goals. I don't spend 95 percent of my time around the basket like the big guys do -- I'm on the perimeter -- but there's no reason I can't win it. Rebounding still is all about desire.''

The Raptors are ranked 17th in the latest edition of the SB Nation Power Rankings.

Your Wii may soon be on fire! EA Sports is bringing back NBA Jam. (via SB Nation)

Pops Mensah-Bonsu belts out the Canadian anthem.

Former Raptor and streetball legend Rafer Alston appears headed to the Miami Heat after agreeing to a buyout with the New Jersey Nets.

Bobby Brown's nephew is a terrific young point guard with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Is it just me or is Gilbert Arenas not getting it?