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Lunchbox Links

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The Globe and Mail's Michael Grange thinks Chris Bosh "deserves credit for fashioning himself a pretty special career to this point and one which no Raptor will surpass any time soon, if ever."

Former Dallas Mavericks stat guru and Mathletics author Wayne Winston weighs in on the Vince Carter-for-Hedo Turkoglu swap, as well as the Raptors' best lineup.

Toronto now has a 79.3 per cent chance of making the playoffs, according to John Hollinger's Playoff Odds.

In today's Daily Dime from ESPN, Hollinger drops what might be the quote of the season:

It says almost all you need to know about the Toronto Raptors that "O" appears four times in their name while "D" doesn't make a single appearance

Jose Calderon's return is causing a conundrum in Raptorland. But the Toronto Star's Doug Smith has the answer! Why not play Calderon, Jarrett Jack and Marcus Banks together for short spurts against specific matchups? That suggestion is right up there with discovering that NBA teams should limit an opponent's three-point makes to four or less.

Defensively, Jack and Calderon are a wash. Let's just act like the last dozen or so games haven't happened.

The Milwaukee Bucks have released former Raptor Roko Ukic, who will reportedly sign a new contract with Fenerbahce. Is it just me or is the acquisition of Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems beginning to look a little one-sided?

Yet another article that predicts Bosh will head south of the border this summer.

The New Orleans Hornets are shopping former Raptor Morris Peterson.

Every team in the NBA runs the pick and roll... and here's proof!