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Raptors Rapid Recap - Toronto 106 New York 104

- Another come from behind win by the Raps and now this team is really rolling. After coming out slow in the first and relying on the jump shot it was the defense and attack the rim mentality that allowed them to pull one out in NY.

- It was clear from the get go that David Lee was out to prove a point early. He was all over the glass and an offensive weapon. For such an underhyped college player he has become a fantastic pro. His line for the night? 29 points and 18 rebounds. How he is not an all-star is beyond me.

- An off night by Andrea tonight as he was apparently dealing with some foot issues. His shooting was off and he was low on energy but he did manage to effect the game in a positive way through some solid defense. When Bargs is not in a groove offensively he is usually a non-factor. Not on this night. Nice to seem his game rounding into form on both ends of the court.

- Player of the game for the Raps was once again CB4 who was clutch at the end of the game but in a close second was Hedo Turkoglu. Right from the opening tip he seemed like a different player and he kept up the energy in the third quarter where he had 3 dunks. When everything was said and done he had a season high' in points and rebounds. Here's hoping he can use this as a launching pad to a better second half. The only low point? The bizarre post-game interview with Jack Armstrong.

- . Raps bench was also terrific with three guys in double didgits including Amir Johnson, Jose Calderon and a sharp shooting Antoine Wright. When the starters struggled early the bench stepped up and made it a game again.

- Another W for the Raps. 2010 is turning out to be a solid year thus far!