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Raptors Rapid Recap - Toronto 101 - Milwaukee 96

-In maybe the ugliest game of the year, one that seemed neither team wanted to win, Toronto used a late fourth quarter run to grab the lead and eek out a 101 to 96 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

-Player of the game for Toronto was Jarrett Jack who despite only having 2 assists, dropped in 27 points hitting big shot after shot down the stretch.  Marco Belinelli provided a big spark as well with 16 off the bench and Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan and Chris Bosh brought enough additional firepower to seal the win.

-Don't look at the box score to figure this one out though, Toronto shot a worse percentage from the field than Milwaukee (43 per cent), and for most of the game did a horrendous job guarding inside and out.  However TO did have one big advantage at the free-throw line where they shot 42 shots to the Bucks 24.  This, and some timely zone defence by Jay Triano to help negate Andrew Bogut, kept the Raps alive in a game they probably didn't deserve to win.

-For the Bucks, Luke Ridnour was a Raptor-killer again with 27 points and Andrew Bogut did most of his 22 point damage early.  But players like Brandon Jennings and Carlos Delfino fired bricks all night and the Bucks' D wasn't enough to ride out a win.

-Let's hope TO learns from this loss that they need to bring it FROM THE TIP Sunday, as they'll be playing a much more formidable opponent; Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.