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Raptors Rapid Recap: Toronto 96 Boston 103

- Well that was a massive let down. In a game where the Celtics were shy three of their starters and one key bench player they still handed the Raptors a loss. It's a disheartening loss because of how the team lost. The Raps brought little intensity while the Celtics, despite being so shorthanded, brought energy hustle and grit.

- Even without three starters the Celtics bench still badly outplayed the Raps bench. Guys like Lester Hudson came in for the Celtics and had a positive influence on the game. The main Celtics bench contributions came from Glen Davis and Eddie House.

- The Raptors bigs looked good in the first half and pretty much had their way with the Boston defenders but in the second half seemed to disappear. Andrea and Bosh put up decent offensive numbers again but they were absolute doormats when it came to rebounding the ball. Bosh and Bargs had 13 rebounds between them while Kendrick Perkins had 10 on his own.

- A lot of credit has to be given to Doc RIvers who did an excellent job subbing guys despite facing some difficult foul situations. He consistently put his guys in a position to succeed and has fostered a culture of defense and winning basketball in Boston. These guys never give up on a play and despite being overmatched from a talent perspective they simply outplayed the Raps.

- Just like that the 5 game winning streak seems like a distant memory. After blowing this winnable game the Raps face the Spurs at home tomorrow and then Orlando.

- Full recap in the AM.