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Raptors Rapid Recap - Toronto 100 - Cleveland 108

- The Raptors had opportunities but this was a game where you never felt Toronto had control of the game.  As much as the Raptors fought tooth and nail and went the distance, they also showed lots of issues keeping the Cavaliers from doing what they wanted to do.

- Substitution patterns and matchups continued to be problems for Triano as I felt that he wasn't quite tight enough with his rotations and used the wrong personnel at odd times.  He was caught with Rasho for a few possessions towards the end of the game because he chose to substitute offense for defense.

- Both Bosh and Bargnani were hot and cold throughout the game.  Bosh faded as the game went on and the Raptors started to go to Bargnani.  Unfortunately, the Raptors didn't seem to ride their stars quite enough to put up enough offensive numbers to win.

- Hedo Turkoglu continues to absolutely disappoint.  Besides being a doormat, picking up a lot of quick fouls, a technical, and hoisting a plethora of questionable shots, he also shows a sort of impish grin about it all.  Yeah, it's not in his personality to show focused anger, but being just flippant and sort of mailing it in is not acceptable either. 

- Overall though, the game was well fought, with the bigger, badder team taking the win.