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Lunchbox Links

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TSN's Tim Chisholm analyzes the options for Chris Bosh and the Toronto Raptors.

Toronto dropped off the list of teams reaching 10,000 in full-season-ticket sales.

According to BBM Canada calculations, the Raptors failed to outdraw bobsleigh on television over the weekend.

Empty the Bench compiles a list of the worst NBA contracts. Paging Hedo Turkoglu!

For more on tonight's game against Cleveland, check out Cavaliers blog Fear The Sword, The Plain Dealer, Canton Rep, News-Herald, and Raptors Republic.

Dave Berri's Wages of Wins looks at why shooting guards are paid less than players at other positions.

The Globe and Mail's Michael Grange grades the Raptors in his From Deep mid-term report cards and points to a team on the rise.

Chris Black of T.Jose Caldeford presents two (encouraging) stats of the day.

Ryan McNeill of Hoops Addict defends Jose Calderon's defence.

Here's a look at the All-Star jersey Bosh will (undoubtedly) be rocking in Dallas on Valentine's Day.

European players have nothing but good things to say about Toronto... except for the chilly winter weather.