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Lunchbox Links

It's Italian Heritage Night at Madison Square Garden! Check out New York Knicks blog Posting and Toasting, as well as previews from and Raptors Republic.

Frank Isola of the NY Daily News questions whether Chris Bosh is really that much of an upgrade over David Lee.

Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated thinks the Raptors' future relies on Andrea Bargnani. The same below-average Bargnani who is on pace to produce 1.1 wins this season, according to Dave Berri's Wages of Wins.

Berri also points to Bosh's improvement as the primary reason why the Raptors are staying out of the NBA Draft Lottery discussion.

DeMar DeRozan and Eric Gordon of the Los Angeles Clippers will compete in the latest terrible dunk contest gimmick. Check out the video of some of DeRozan's sickest jams. Gordon also blogs about the competition.

Overpaid, underperforming Hedo Turkoglu is kind of a dick. Perhaps he should takes notes from teammates DeRozan and Sonny Weems, who seem to have a better grasp of modern technology and how to interact with the fanbase.

Amir Johnson earns an honourable mention as one of the NBA's best bench players.

Here's why the Bosh-for-Andrew Bynum trade doesn't make sense... for the Lakers.

Add the Zan Tabak Herald's Kristoffer Pedlar to the list of folks who don't want to see Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack on the floor at the same time.

Chris Black thinks Calderon is a better player than Jack, and Turkoglu is just plain lazy.

Kings blog Sactown Royalty on why the Calderon-Kevin Martin rumours make no sense.

Samuel Dalembert offers aid to Haiti.