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Lunchbox Links

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ESPN's John Hollinger chats about whether a Jose Calderon-for-Kevin Martin swap is realistic and why a Chris Bosh-for-Andrew Bynum deal is probably the best way to rebuild.

Calderon and Bosh rank 11th and 14th, respectively, in Chad Ford's list of players most likely to be dealt. (ESPN Insider)

Add the Denver Nuggets to the list of teams rumoured to be pursuing Bosh.

The Score's Holly MacKenzie talks practice, including this gem from coach Jay Triano:

"I like having three ball handlers and they can all shoot the basketball as well. I don't mind that. I don't think it's something we want to do on a steady basis throughout most of the game but to finish games we want guys on the floor who can make free throws when we have a lead, who can make plays for each other and who can make shots."

No mention of having too many cooks in the kitchen or possibly playing guys who can defend during crunch time. Because that would make sense.

The Globe and Mail's Michael Grange weighs in on the Bosh trade buzz in his From Deep blog.

Chris Black questions Doug Smith's blog post anointing Bosh as the best power forward in the NBA. Mr. Black also takes a trip down (recent) memory lane to point out how bad last year's Raptors team really was.

Arsenalist from Raptors Republic takes an in-depth look at DeMar DeRozan.

In case you weren't aware, Ron Artest may be slightly unstable.