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Strictly for the Readers...

With the Raptors' next game not until Friday night, Franchise takes a moment to get away from the Bosh rumours and Indiana fall-out to thank the readers for a great 2009.

The numbers are in.

One of the key reasons we here at the HQ made the jump to SB Nation back in the summer of 2009, was because we felt that the new template and format would give readers an even better forum for their thoughts on our beloved Raptors.

Well, with 2009 coming to a close recently, the SB Nation team shot out each blog in the network's numbers on various levels and we here at the HQ thought it would be interesting to share them with the readers, especially since many of the numbers are directly related to the things you do on the site each and every day. Our readers have always made the site what it is so again a big thanks for a great 2009. And with a quick glance at the following stats, we're sure that 2010 is going to be even bigger and better!

And here we go...

Total Comments


Total Stories


Total FanPosts


Total FanShots


Most Active Commenters

User Count
RaptorsHQ - Franchise 1658
RaptorsHQ - Defensive Stance 1348
RaptorsHQ - Howland 828
renato 757
Raptors HQ - Vicious D 641
Ustation 423
rbala 282
Posterized 258
vicPapa 224
elpikiman 191

Most FanPosts

User Count
Ustation 12
mj2345 9
rbala 6
Ilyas 5
marisatorre 4
teamd 4
RaptorsHQ - Howland 3
T-DotChiefFanSince93 3
bigweeze 3
Raptors HQ - Vicious D 2

As well, it's that time of the month again.

The HQ is looking to attend one of the Raps final four home games of the season via press access and want your input as to which one we should attend. You can vote below in the poll, and fire away in the comments section with any particular queries you want us to lob at coaches or players.