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Lunchbox Links: Cool As Ice Edition

When you're playing the worst team in the NBA, you need to provide fans with additional incentives to purchase seats. You need someone who can light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle. You need the star of the critically acclaimed motion picture Cool As Ice. You need Robert Van WInkle aka Vanilla Ice, who will be performing at halftime of the Raptors-Nets game on February 3rd. And that's a straight up fact!

Jim Carrey gets credit for the best Vanilla Ice impersonation ever.

Are the Raptors monitoring the Kevin Martin situation in Sacramento?

The latest edition of SB Nation's NBA Power Rankings have the Raptors mired in mediocrity.

Basketball Prospectus' Kevin Pelton projects the trade deadline.

The Raptors are 34 points better than the league average with a lineup of Andrea Bargnani, Chris Bosh, Hedo Turkoglu, Marco Belinelli and Jose Calderon. And here I was thinking that Calderon-Jarrett Jack backcourt pairing was part of their best lineup!

Raptors Republic confirms that the Calderon-Jack-Turkoglu should never see the light of day.

The Toronto Star's Doug Smith thinks it's time to put Calderon back in the Raptors starting lineup.

Dave Feschuk thinks Turkoglu is limited by his defeatist attitude.

The Toronto Sun's Frank Zicarelli thinks that if Bryan Colangelo can somehow get his hands on a shooting guard who can break defences down and defend, the Raptors will get out of the first round.

The Raptors got a well-deserved day off yesterday after blowing a 23-point lead in Indianapolis. Personally, I would've gone with the two-hour practice and run them into the ground. But that's just me (and probably Pat Riley).

Sam Smith is the latest writer to question whether increased airport security will have an impact on Bosh's free agency.

The Dream Shake speculates about a Bosh trade to Houston.

Could Rasho Nesterovic be headed to Real Madrid?

An interesting take on the Gilbert Arenas situation.