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Lunchbox Links

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The Indiana Pacers used defence and small ball to rally from 23 points down to beat the Raptors at Conseco Fieldhouse. Fatigue, lack of focus and lack of a killer instinct may have something to do with last night's implosion.

Should Toronto pursue trading Chris Bosh? If the Raptors were to trade Bosh to a contender in February, a team with which he might want to stay, it could dramatically alter the 2010 NBA free agent landscape.

According to the "Pythagorean expectation", the Raptors have been the third-luckiest team in the NBA, by virtue of winning 2.5 more games than they should have according to their numbers.

Check out how the Raptors stack up against the rest of the league in power rankings from and ESPN.

Lots of Raptor-related questions and answers in Chris Sheridan's latest chat.

NBA Playbook takes a look at Rajon Rondo's triple double from Sunday afternoon.

Ten Wheaties boxes you will never see.

Former Raptor Vince Carter may (pause for laughter) move into a sixth-man role.