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Lunchbox Links: The Hedo-Bashing Edition

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Just to recap: You sign an average to below average free agent, who hit a couple of big shots on national TV during last season's playoffs, to a five-year, US$53-million deal. That free agent continues to produce at a rate similar to the last couple of seasons of his career, but not necessarily in line with the exhorbitant contract you bestowed upon him in the offseason. And fans continue to wonder why he hasn't flipped a switch and started to contribute in crunch time like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant?

Introducing 'Mr. 4th Quarter', Hedo Turkoglu! He's probably here for four more years, folks -- so get used to it.

Turkoglu -- star of the most unfortunately appropriate TV commercial ever -- is not playing with the ball in his hands as much as he was accustomed to in Orlando and he's having a hard time making an impact in games without it.

Jeff Blair remains unconvinced that 'Hedo Turkoglu' really is how you say 'Vernon Wells' in Turkish.

The Globe and Mail's Michael Grange isn't sure what to make of Turkoglu's comments after the game.

Hoops Addict is 'In the Scrum' with Ray Allen and Rasheed Wallace.

Did you notice that Jay Triano went away from the Jarrett Jack-Jose Calderon backcourt pairing during the final minutes of yesterday's game? Don't get your hopes up. The Toronto Star's Doug Smith expects to see Triano go back to that awful combination during tonight's game against the Indianapolis Pacers.

Fiction writer Peter Vecsey has a source who believes the Los Angeles Lakers will offer Andrew Bynum for Chris Bosh.

Bynum responds to the Bosh trade rumours.

Mike Monroe scrapes the bottom of the barrel to come up with a reason why Bosh won't continue his career north of the border beyond this season.

The Zan Tabak Herald on the growing legend of one Reggie Evans.

Former Raptor Michael 'Yogi' Stewart is on Twitter, where he will reveal how he suckered Toronto into giving him a six-year/$24 million contract in 140 characters or less. (via Raptors Republic)

What's worse? Leaving three guns on a chair or defecating in a teammate's shoe?