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Lunchbox Links

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We kick off today's lunchbox links with some former Raptor love.  Roko Ukic was named MVP of the Efes Pilsen World Cup after leading Croatia to the tournament title.  It's going to be interesting to see how the former Raptor does in Milwaukee this season with the point guard situation so wide open for that club.

Also on a former Raptor-related and now former Buck note, check out this promo featuring Charlie Villanueva and the "Dominican Dream Team."

Chris Bosh had an online tweet-chat at earlier today and many of the questions had to do with his future in Toronto. takes a look at just that and in the process, dissects what they feel are some common misconceptions about CB4.

Backing up Bosh this year?  None other than Mr. Evans, Mr. Nesterovic and Mr. Johnson.

Oh...and perhaps Mr. O'Bryant...