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Canadian Content

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Our Senior Women begin the march to the World Championships today in Brazil, Junior's out for the year, Bachynski commits to the Sun Devils, a Steve Nash interview on CBC and some other links in this edition of Canadian Content.    


A story on the Senior Women who begin their road today.  The Canadian Press: Canada's women's basketball team hopes to keep world streak alive

And another story. | Basketball | Canadians embark on world basketball journey

An interview with Steve Nash from a few days ago with CBC.  Steve Nash CBC Interview | NBeh! – Canada's Hoops Blog

We'll have to wait another year to see Junior on the floor now.  Marquette PG Cadougan likely out for season - CBK News - FOX Sports on MSN

Man on a mission sets new mission in motion. blogs - Doug Haller : 7-2 Canadian center commits to ASU


Another Canadian baller heading south to prep school. Moving On | Crown Magazine


A look on the Simon Fraser move into the NCAAs Division II.  The Western Front - Canadian school steps up to NCAA