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Weekend Links

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In his latest blog, Doug Smith opines that Andrea Bargnani is worth $10 million per season. He also thinks Antoine Wright, rookie DeMar DeRozan and Marco Belinelli offer the best line of defence against Kobe Bryant in the closing seconds of a close game. And I wonder why I'm left constantly shaking my head at his "analysis".

Speaking of Belinelli, the Toronto Raptors finally got around to introducing their latest Italian acquisition this week. The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, Toronto Sun and Yahoo! Sports all spun the move as positive for both Belinelli and the Raptors.

But the real secret weapon for this season's Raptors squad could sit a little further down the bench.

No idea how that Marion dunk didn't end up first overall in this top 10 list of Raptors plays from 2008-09.

The picture of Hoffa and caption that accompanies this column says it all. Meanwhile, SLAM remixes the 1996 NBA Draft and comes up with an alternative Answer to Marcus Camby.

Lamar Odom apparently does not understand that he could be banging a Laker Girl instead of someone who looks like former pro wrestler Chyna.