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Lunchbox Links

Taking the glass is half full approach, the Toronto Sun's Frank Zicarelli thinks the Raptors are best positioned to move forward if franchise player Chris Bosh decides to bolt. Sure, the Raptors' supporting cast is marginally better than Cleveland or Miami. But I don't think morphing into the Clippers North qualifies as "best positioned" for anything other than an annual trip to the NBA Draft Lottery.

Speaking of Bosh, he slides to number 14 on's top 25 list.

Air Canada’s Jetz service will continue to provide charter service to the Raptors and Canadian NHL teams after some intervention by hockey-loving Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Raptors' coach Jay Triano teamed up with Campbell's Soup and the Coaching Association of Canada to launch the Chunky MVC: Most Valuable Coach contest. You can read about it here and here.

Doug Smith chatted briefly with Andrea Bargnani, who appears happy to be back in Canada. Bargnani also spoke with Italian channel Sky Sport 24 about his summer experience with the Italian national team. Raptors Republic has the translation.