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Weekend Links

Good news...
It's not quite as exciting as landing a big free agent, but Raptors fans attending games at the Air Canada Centre will enjoy the fruits of a $48-million expansion to the facility that includes the west side Atrium expansion, new amenities, state-of-the-art technology, a new broadcast studio and improvements to the in-arena fan experience. Check out the video here.

... bad news
On the other hand, we have a story flying under the radar (pardon the pun) that could have a significant negative impact on the upcoming Raptors season. Air Canada is currently suing the United States government over its insistence that the carrier cancel all of its season-long sports charter flights. A hearing in the case is currently scheduled for Monday.

Bad news part 2
In a league already plagued by bad officiating and suspect stat keeping, this is the last thing you need to read: NBA referees expect to be locked out when exhibition play starts October 1.

More links
Vince Carter tops Kelly Dwyer's list of the 10 best dunkers of the last decade, and shows he's still got it. Although this guy would give Vince a run for his money.

SLAM remixes the 1997 NBA Draft, leaving the Raptors with Ron Mercer instead of Tracy McGrady. Slight downgrade in talent.