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Lunchbox Links

 We kick off today's links with some Bargs love via Dime Magazine.  Maybe they took too much heat from that "Toronto is not a major market" piece from earlier this summer...

Next, we roll over to Raps Repub where The Arsenalist takes a look at how the Raptors look to stack up on paper against the dreaded Boston Celtics.  The Celtics are going to be an interesting team to watch this year as they look to have a solid top five or six again, but might be short on bench depth once more.

Speaking of bench depth, Doug Smith is reporting that Weems, DeRozan and O'Bryant are in town this week to get in some run with the Raptors' coaching staff.  That of course means that training camp is right around the corner and it sounds like the rest of the team will be reporting for duty in another week or so.

Right now though, Bosh is busy capping off his "Basketball without Borders" tour along with good friend Dwight Howard.

From Yahoo Sports' Ball Don't Lie we have two more entries from this off-season's "Top 10" lists; the top 10 second-round picks of the last decade (no Raptors on this one to no surprise) and the top 10 most significant injuries of the last decade.  There are no Raptors on the latter either, although it's pretty tough as a Raptors' fan not to think of Garbo's stomach-wrenching fall a few seasons ago...

And over at one of our reader's sites, ian cartoons, we get a great celeb endorsement from former Raptors' GM Rob Babcock.  This one's a must watch.

Finally, big news for all of us at SB Nation.  The SB Nation site relaunched last night with a brand new look and feel which should cater to all variety of sports nuts.