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Daily Links

NBA Draft 2004 - The Remix | SLAM ONLINE
Anyone want to venture a guess as to who SLAM tabbed as the biggest bust of the 2004 NBA Draft? The very name of this short-armed, no-vertical big man is like a kick to the nuts for Raptor fans.

NBA PM: Grizz Need Guards | HOOPSWORLD
Clearing Up Raptors Situation: After it was mentioned in this space yesterday that Toronto Raptors free agents Carlos Delfino and Pops Mensah-Bonsu were no longer restricted because the team had to withdraw the Qualifying Offers to make the Hedo Turkoglu acquisition, a couple people questioned that information. And no wonder, since multiple media outlets still have both players on their free agent lists as restricted. After double-checking our information with the Raptors, they confirmed that they did indeed withdraw the Qualifying Offers on both players, but they did not renounce their rights to either one. This means that they can still sign-and-trade either player, and they have the applicable Bird Rights for either one.

Doug Smith's Toronto Raptors blog
Lots of news from the golf world. Exactly what you'd expect from something called "Raptors Blog by Doug Smith".

NBA offseason rankings | ESPN (Insider)
Chad Ford doesn't think the Raptors' offseason moves suddenly make them a serious contender. But he does think they're a playoff team.