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Sunday Thought - The Cost of Waiting on Jack

How bad did Bryan Colangelo really want Jarrett Jack?

Well considering the team still has a few days left before they find out if he's officially a Raptor or not, I'd say pretty bad.

Because while Toronto waits to see if the former Georgia Tech guard joins them for next season, it could be at the expense of other free agents.

As I commented yesterday, the Raptors plan A is obviously Jack, but they needed to have a plan B in place, even if they felt fairly confident that they'd be able to snag the former Pacer.  One would think that plan B consisted of some combination of Carlos Delfino, Rasho Nesterovic and others but as the Raps wait on Jack, many of those "other" options look to be drying up.

This morning various sources were reporting that Chris Wilcox, a player I felt would be a good addition to the Dinos for little salary, had agreed to sign with the Pistons, and confirming rumours I heard in Vegas, Rasho Nesterovic is also on Detroit's wish list.  If these two are off the board, it doesn't leave a lot of options for Colangelo in terms of serviceable back-ups, in particular for Andrea Bargnani.

Aaron Gray, Johan Petro or Shelden Williams?  Is there enough upside in names like this?

Or how about athletic shot-blockers like Stromile Swift or Johan Petro, players who just haven't been able to live up to expectations?

Grizzled vets like Adonal Foyle, Ben Wallace or Theo Ratlif?  Ratliff might be interesting if he could stay healthy...

...and please don't say Jamaal Magloire.

Of the remaining "bigs," the best options are actually 4's like Joel Anthony or again, Toronto's own Pops Mensah-Bonsu.  Both have played the center spot at times, especially Anthony, and both have more upside than almost anyone left in their category.

Another option might be Joe Smith, however I'm not sure he has any reason to leave Cleveland regardless of how much money is thrown his way.  And if Toronto goes a bit smaller, then maybe they gamble on someone like Leon Powe, who because of his recent injury might be had for cheap.

The tricky thing is that if waiting on Jack eliminates various options for bench depth, BC might be placed in a situation where he feels he needs to overpay to secure a much-needed back-up at the 5.  And considering the expected luxury tax drop next summer, this is something they need to be very wary of.

The last thing Toronto wants is to shore up an important bench spot behind Jose only to be forced into signing Robert Swift for the next 3 years...