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Lakers, Spurs have helped themselves in NBA offseason |
4. Which offseason move is destined to disappoint?
Jack McCallum: I'll say Turkoglu in Toronto. I like Hedo and think he'll have a productive season, but it won't lift the Raptors into the top four in the East, which was the general idea after last season's disappointing 33-49 campaign.

Parker leaves Raptors for Cavs |
The Cleveland Cavaliers have officially signed free-agent Anthony Parker, formerly of the Raptors, to a two-year deal worth about $6 million.

'Efficient' Anthony Parker eager to fill any need for championship-starved Cleveland Cavaliers |
They had to wait a few years -- but the Cleveland Cavaliers finally get their man.

Eddy Curry fails to impress Knicks brass, forgets his sneakers in Vegas
Disinterested? Eddy Curry? C'mon now!

Who may be moving up the NBA food chain? | FOX Sports on MSN
The Toronto Raptors! At least they're one of the teams moving up the NBA food chain, according to FOX Sports.

NBA free agents: The latest chatter on Allen Iverson, Lamar Odom | ESPN
Marc Stein's latest includes a handful of bookkeeping notes from the free-agent contracts that have been formally signed over the past week:

• Hedo Turkoglu's five-year, $52.8 million contract with Toronto includes a trade kicker and the right to opt out and return to free agency in the summer of 2013.

• Andrea Bargnani's five-year extension in Toronto starting in 2010-11 is worth an even $50 million. The deal includes an early termination option to return to free agency in the summer of 2014 as well as a trade kicker and incentives.