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RaptorsHQ Goes Live at the 2009 NBA Draft

With all the deals and rumours floating around it looks to be an action packed and exciting night. Keep refreshing this page as we make our way through tonight's festivities.

Eric Smith is also running a live blog and of course we will have updates on our twitter feed (raptorshq).

FRANCHISE: A big shout out from MSG!!!! So first off, the Raptors. From everything I've heard in New York, the team is deciding between Holiday and DeRozan. Some like DeRozan's upside, others who want to get a player with an immediate impact want Holiday. The problem is, Golden State and New York could both throw major wrenches into the Raps plans. If G State pulls off a rumoured deal with Phoenix, then DeRozan might be the Suns choice at 6. And while it sounds like Curry is now going to fall to New York, who knows for sure. If both are gone, I'd say Johnson is the choice. The loonies are filing into MSG right now, so we should be set to go soon for lots of booing!

HOWLAND: We have been told by three sources that the Raps are taking DD provided he is there. Looks like a project, but considering how far off this team is from say....Orlando, the pick could look great a few years from now.

FRANCHISE: We're hearing that Sacramento and Portland are closing in on a deal that
would send Sergio Rodriguez and the #38 pick to Sacramento for #31.

HOWLAND: Do we really need the commissioner to put the Clippers on the clock?

HOWLAND: Hmmmm. Ricky Rubio was going to make less than 100k this season in Europe? No kidding he wants out!

FRANCHISE: I love the Ricky Rubio footage - it looks like he's passing the ball to Howland and I.

HOWLAND: And away we go!!!!!!

FRANCHISE: Draftexpress is reporting that the Warriors don't want to include the 7th again, this is the real Wild Card pick. WOW - guy in a Bulls jersey right near me standing with a sign that says, "Hey Gar, Go Get Bosh." Gar = GM of Bulls I guess, Gar Foreman.

HOWLAND: If there isn't a trade the Clippers just wasted five minutes that we can't get back....

FRANCHISE: Man, was hoping Stern would say TAYLOR instead.

HOWLAND: Now it gets interesting....

HOWLAND: Who exactly is going to teach Thabeet to be a big man? He also looks like a spaceman in that suit.

FRANCHISE: Man I'd hate to be the Grizz with that pick...just a real project for someone taken that high. Now what though - what's OK City do? Rubio? And really, with all the recent
trades, even if he is the choice, there's no guarantee he'll stay with them long.

HOWLAND: First surprise of the night. Rubio goes where now?

FRANCHISE: Very how low does Rubio go? It sounds like Minnesota wants him but if Sacto plucks him, does this mean Minny takes Curry and causes a stampede here at

HOWLAND: Well this is a PERFECT scenario for Minny.

FRANCHISE: Minny is loving that Rubio is still there, but imagine if Washington wanted Rubio all along? That can't sit well with them...And now what about Minny's second pick? Could they suddenly grab DeRozan?

HOWLAND: Interesting reaction from the MSG crowd to the Rubio pick; some USA chants (dumb), some cheers because it means Curry is still there, and some boos because there was a
fairly large contingent who wanted him as a Knick. Here's the real worry for BC right now. DeRozan makes a lot more sense now that
they've got a real point guard. TENSION.

HOWLAND: Flynn?! Now they have two pure does that in the making? Knicks fans are loving Curry being within reach.

FRANCHISE: Wow - so that was interesting. MSG going crazy because Curry is getting closer and closer. Watch Golden State screw everything up now. Sigh of relief from the Raps brass I'm sure but again, who knows what G State does.

HOWLAND: This pick has huge influence on what the Raps do. If GS goes off the board someone will Jordan Hill? Let's hope GS goes with someone like Williams, Johnson....anyone but Hill.

FRANCHISE: Also...have to say that this is the first time I've seen any promise from Minnesota since KG was there and the team acquired Spree and Cassell. PS - Nice, MSG fans heckling Rubio with "USA" chants as he walks to the media area...

HOWLAND: Now that is a kick in the....ya know. Knicks fans must HATE that. Could the Knicks pass on Hill now? The anticipation is killing me!!!

HOWLAND: DAMN IT! Unfortunately no-one fell. Looks like centre-sports is going to be selling Derozan jersey's this year. Being 9 was the worst spot this year. I woldn't be upset with someone else....but all indications are DD. Just wondering if Phoenix wanted Curry in an Amare deal....

HOWLAND: And there it is DD. In some ways not that surprising...albeit a little disappointing. Franchise will be trying to grab an interview ASAP and we will post it when available.

HOWLAND: And there goes Jennings. A bit of a surprise...wonder if he regrets backing out from the Green-Room. In my opinion....Stephon Marbury....moving from Europe to Milwaukee could be a real downer.

HOWLAND: Speaking of downers....what's with the Nets taking HQ favorites? Last year CDR and this year Williams. Great to see him picked however. Bilas is loving him...that's not making this any easier on us.

HOWLAND: Bobcats continue to take guys close to home. Holiday is still available...they have TJ and Jack and Chad Ford is saying Tyler. This could be an interesting pick. Waiting for Franchise to come back from his interview with DD.

HOWLAND: Jennings coming on stage may have been the STRANGEST thing in the history of the NBA to the Raps drafting Hoffa. HEAD CASE.

HOWLAND: Video with DD will be available in about 15 mins. Minny takes their third PG. I know they want to get Jefferson the rock but this is crazy....on no Denver. Love that for Denver.

FRANCHISE: Alright, back. Finished the media session with was a bit "cricket cricket." As you'll see in the video I took, which we'll post a link to in about 20 minutes, it was basically me asking him questions...and defending the Canadian tax system. I also sat in on the Stephen Curry session so I could ask if he was going to do a "I love college - Davidson extended remix." Cracked him up although not sure most of the media knew what I was talking about. Here's the link if you haven't seen the clip and Curry's skills.

HOWLAND: There are some interesting players available here...Blair, Young, Mullens....any chance BC makes a move here?

HOWLAND: Derozan's twitter page: "Toronto here I come. Air Canadas back."

FRANCHISE: So thoughts on the DeRozan pick, looks like most commentators are fairly happy with it. I'm worried personally. While I didn't love a lot of the other options, there were players like Henderson and Holiday that I preferred. I hope more than anything that I'm wrong but I think that a) this is a major project and b) one that has a good chance of being Gerald Green part II. Seems like a great kid, think he'll work his ass off, but if he gets to be a dominant player, I worry it will be in 3 years when it's too late. That being said, I'm more interested in what Toronto does come July 1 as that, and not this draft, I think will set the tone for next season.

FRANCHISE: And here's your first look at the Derozan video. Don't forget RHQ brought it to you first. Sorry about the quality, recording and asking questions at the same time.

HOWLAND: Start the chant....we want Blair! We want BLAIR!

FRANCHISE: Ok so what's up with Blair?
This is like Granger times 50. I can't understand this. I like Carroll, but were Blair's MRI's that bad? I mean are they metal? Carroll may need a liver transplant and he STILL goes ahead of Blair?

FRANCHISE: Rumour in media room...Curry might have been Golden State's pick just to
spite Walsh and the Knicks...

HOWLAND: One pick left in the first round. Apparently the price is too high for the Raps to get back into the first round but is looking into acquiring a second round pick. We are shutting this down after this pick but if there is more news we will be back.