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The Workouts Begin

The Raps get their first look at HQ fave Williams this morning...

The Raps get their first look at HQ fave Williams this morning...

Just a quick update as Howland and I will be at the ACC this morning to take in the first string of workouts. There will be another group coming in tomorrow and while it's early, there a few really interesting names on the list of supposed attendees.

We'll be breaking down both groups in detail over the next two days as per tradition but here's a preview of who to expect discussion on.

Monday Workouts:

-Tyrese Rice - PG, Boston College
-Byron Eaton - PG, OK State
-Terrence Williams - G, Louisville
-Sam Young - F, PITT
-Russell Hicks - C, Florida INT
-Jeff Pendergraph - F, Arizona State

Right away the Terrence Williams and Sam Young jump out as both have been players we've discussed quite frequently here at the HQ during the college season. In addition, Rice and Pendergraph are legit NBA prospects and if Toronto can snare a second-round pick, might be worth a look. Hicks represents some Canadian Content and Eaton is another sleeper, a bulldog at the 1 but likely to go undrafted at this point.

Tuesday Workouts:

-Danny Green - G-F, North Carolina
-Dionte Christmas - G, Temple
-Joe Ingles - F, Australia
-Robert Dozier - F, Memphis
-Jevohn Shepherd - G, Michigan

Tuesday's group doesn't have the upside of this morning's but there are still a few interesting names. Danny Green looks to be a bit of an Anthony Parker type, a solid defensive player who can do a bit of everything, Dozier is an athletic freak but still quite raw, Ingles throws in some international flavour while Shepherd is again the must-have Can Con although he did have a very nice career as a Wolverine.

The player from this group that I really like is Christmas, a 6-5 guard who can handle, create and score in transition. He flew under the radar a bit at temple but would be a nice second-round option if the Raps decided to jump into that pool.