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Sunday Thought - Could Bosh Be the Best Free-Agent in 2010?

Lebron remaining a Cavalier could heavily impact the situation in TO.

Lebron remaining a Cavalier could heavily impact the situation in TO.

We have all been witness to what teams have been doing to prepare for the summer of 2010. Teams have been ditching their long term contracts and trying to clear sufficient space to be players in the 2010 free agency bonanza.

Summer of ‘10 is supposed to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for teams to sign some of this generations best players.

As a result, teams like the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors are going to have to spend the summer of 2009 trying to convince their franchise guys that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.

Some think there is not much convincing to be done when it comes to Lebron and Wade. At his recent MVP ceremony Lebron made a strong statement about his situation is Cleveland while he and his team dismantle all playoff competition on their way to the NBA Finals, and
Pat Riley is going to be putting the full court press on Wade to sign the next extension.

Lebron’s loyalty to Cleveland or to be more specific, Akron, has always been strong. Even before he turned pro the two colleges he was deciding between were UNC and Akron. These schools are not exactly equals on the college basketball scene. Lebron also had no issues signing his first extension in Cleveland. . If the Cavs win a championship this year it is possible that he re-signs again.

Wade has constantly announced how much he loves playing for the Heat and he knows he has a GM willing to go whatever it takes to make a winner. Wade is already in one of the best NBA markets and is making a mint in endorsements. He could easily sign the extension sooner rather than later.

Now what happens if both Lebron and Wade are re-signed before the much anticipated summer of 2010? It seems pretty clear that the young All-Star big man playing in Toronto will become the apple of everyone’s eye.

At BC’s season ending press conference it seemed clear that he would be offering CB4 an extension this summer and that he expected Bosh to turn it down. Not exactly words of comfort for many Raptors fans. So if suddenly Bosh becomes the number one target in 2010 how does that change the situation?

If anything, in this scenario, there is no question that CB4 will get the maximum dollars in his next contract and he will be in a situation to ponder a number of offers. Speculation will constantly follow him and the team all season long and the Raptors season will become somewhat of a circus. The teams play will be overshadowed by an individuals future. It won’t be pretty, although we at the HQ will have tons to write about.

If Bosh does become the main target in 2010 won’t it put more pressure on BC to resolve this situation now? He would, after all have more leverage and bargaining power. It seems to me that if Lebron and/or Wade sign extensions this summer it is going to have a huge ripple effect across the league, in particular in Toronto. It’s a situation to watch very carefully.