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Tip-In: Toronto Raptors Post-Game - Battle of Futility

Juan Dixon...thanks for the W!

Juan Dixon...thanks for the W!

Someone had to win right?

With the season coming to a close and both the Wizards and Raptors having said "uncle" quite a while ago, last night’s meaningless affair was a great demonstration of why both these teams have had so many issues on the court.

For the Raps, their season has been one of inconsistent effort and poor decision making. That, in a nut shell, describes their performance on the court last night. The Dinos came out of the blocks on fire but then let the Wizards climb back into the game and take a lead. Unnecessary, but typical.

For the Wizards, their season has been ruined by injuries and having to rely on both young inexperienced players and less than stellar veterans. Tonight was no different with the Wizards committing a whopping 24 turnovers, none worse than the Juan Dixon turnover late that set up the winning bucket by CB4.

A game winning three any Raptor, let alone CB4, is not something we fans have seen a lot of this season and having watched the whole broadcast, it was nice to reap a little reward from doing so. It was exciting to see the Raps manage a little pay back, despite its insignificance.

Last night was also another opportunity to see guys like Patrick O’Bryant, Pops Mensah-Bonsu and Quincy Douby get some PT. Before Sunday having one of these guys on next year’s roster, let alone all three, was far from a sure thing but it looks like the Raptors like what Mr. Douby has done during his brief stint here in TO.

The Raps have signed Douby not only for the remainder of the season but for next season as well. I am not quite sure what to make of this. With his second 10 day contract coming to an end it would have been small potatoes in the grand scheme of things to sign him for the remainder of the season as it would have made Douby a RFA rather than a UFA during this coming off-season. Locking him up for next season as well is a different story.

Here’s a small excerpt from the press release:

The Toronto Raptors announced Monday they have signed guard Quincy Douby for the remainder of this season and the 2009-10 season. Per team policy, financial details were not disclosed. The Raptors signed the free agent to consecutive 10-day contracts March 24 and April 2.

Douby has appeared in six games for Toronto, averaging 5.2 points and 1.7 assists in 10.7 minutes. He has averaged 8.0 points, 2.0 assists and 14.0 minutes in the past three games, shooting .667 (10-15) from the field and three-point range (4-6) during that span.

This is a great moment for Quincy Douby there is no doubt about it, but it does raise some questions about the PG position going forward. If we consider Calderon a lock there are still three guys on the roster signed for next season who can back up No.8. It would be shocking if Banks, Roko and Douby were all on the roster next season but and unless BC can package Banks with say....CB4...that would leave Roko out in the cold. I am not sure we want to give up on this kid despite his up and down play.

That being said, we at the HQ have repeatedly discussed what we feel needs to be done to right the ship and for myself that includes a fairly significant overhaul of the current roster. It would appear at first glance that BC may not agree after speaking to him briefly last Friday.

While at Pearson International waiting for a flight I ran into BC and we briefly chatted. Much like the random meeting Franchise had with him at a local grocer, the message was the same - it has been a disappointing and surprising season. What I found the most interesting during our short chat was that when asked about the upcoming off-season, he responded with "We’re not far off".

A Raptor next season.

A Raptor next season.

I sure hope this is just lip service. I am unsure how anyone could think this is the case, let alone the man responsible for the team on the floor. Struggling to win the season series against this Wizards team should be all the evidence he needs to know that this team is a ways away from contending a playoff spot or better yet for an NBA title, which should of course be the goal.

I guess once the lights go out Wednesday against the Bulls we will see whether he really believes that this team can become relevant again without some major reconstructive surgery.

I have my doubts.


As an aside for those who didn’t read the Weekend Dime on ESPN yesterday there is a great Q&A with Jermaine O’Neal. In the interview JO discusses the great relationship with BC, his disappointment in how things turned out in Toronto and his affection for the city and the organization. It’s worth the read.