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Lunchbox Links

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The Toronto Raptors are in Milwaukee to take on the Bucks and rookie of the year candidate Brandon Jennings. Check out the previews from Bucks blog Brew Hoop, and

Kelly Dwyer goes Behind the Box Score to look at how the Huskies Raptors defeated the Timberwolves despite shooting 32 percent, and missing 19 of 21 three-pointers.

The Star Tribune has game recaps here and here, and blames the loss on inexperience.

T.Jose Caldesports thinks Chris Bosh should be playing more minutes. The European flavour of the Raptors also appears to be rubbing off on CB4.

The Globe and Mail's Michael Grange gives the Huskies jerseys the thumbs-up.

The Sporting News' Sean Deveney thinks the Raptors are back on track.

ESPN's Chad Ford had a lot to say about the Raptors during yesterday's chat, including shots at Hedo Turkoglu and Bryan Colangelo.

Jim Rome has something to say about Jarrett Jack tying his shoes during a game.

Affirmative action for white American players? Raptors' senior advisor Wayne Embry has some thoughts on white American players and the use of zone defence.

Raptors Republic on why gritty wins always feel good.

When you spot NBA players out in public and offer to buy them drinks, don't be surprised when the bill arrives. (via Mediocre Forever)

It would be nice to see the Raptors' transactional decision-making based primarily upon advanced statistical analysis. The Houston Rockets seem to be having some success with it.

Basketball Geek estimates the the average player’s peak age in three-point shooting ability is 29.

Jay-Z uses Dwayne Wade's jersey number to show what a great deal he gets on a kilo of cocaine.

Brendan Haywood weighs in on the Tiger Woods situation. You stay classy, Brendan!