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The Toronto Raptors are the worst defensive team you've ever seen, according to Kelly Dwyer (and a lot of other people). On Wednesday, the Atlanta Hawks scored over 152 points per 100 possessions, shot 59 percent, 52 percent from long range, hit 31 free throws, grabbed an offensive rebound after over 41 percent of its misses and only turned the ball over nine times.

ESPN's John Hollinger called the Raptors defence "truly pathetic" during yesterday's chat (and that was BEFORE the Atlanta game).

Check out the recap from Hawks blog Peachtree Hoops, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Rapors blogs Mediocre Forever an the Zan Tabak Herald. The Fan 590's Eric Smith sums things up nicely.

Former Raptor Chris Bosh lashes out over the Raptors defensive collapse and admits "we're just not a good team." He's also not a fan of the cold weather, apparently.

Jarrett Jack and Antoine Wright criticize coach Jay Triano. Ironically, the man Triano replaced, Sam Mitchell, was on hand last night to witness the carnage.

The Globe and Mail's Michael Grange thinks the Raptors are at the beginning of a crisis.

Raptors Republic describes the Dinos' situation as dire.

Here's a pair of basketball shoes that will allow people to overvalue your contributions and cause you to disappear down the stretch of close games.

Tuesday's contest against the Minnesota Timberwolves might look like a winnable game... unless Kevin Love has something to say about it.

Amidst all the negativity, here's a feel-good story about Jack doing the right thing.