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Raptors Rapid Recap - Detroit 95 Toronto 102

- A bit of a strange game at the ACC today. In the first half the Pistons couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and the Raps looked to be well in control. In the second half the tables were turned and the Pistons made a game of it. In the end however, it was too little too late. The Pistons just couldn't hit the shot to get them over the hump.

- The Pistons were absolutely dominant on the glass and it was their ability to create second and third opportunities that allowed them to stay in the game. Jonas Jerebko had 6 on his own...the same number as the Raptors team.

- After a dominant first half CB4 was very quiet in the second half (contributing to Detroit's ability to get back into it). He had an impressive statistical game but the Pistons really made it tough on him in the second half and he didn't seem comfortable with the consistent double teams.

- Props to the Pistons for getting back into it. Guys like Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Price have too much pride to simply roll over. They continued to fight and made what looked to be a boring Sunday matinee into an exciting match-up with a decent finish.

- Jarret Jack continues to improve and all the doubters seem to have disappeared. He has good control of the offense, plays some solid defense and is doing an excellent job filling in for Calderon. Not sure the Raps would be winning some of these games if Roko or Will Solomon were running the offense. Even Marcus Banks has been doing a good job as the back-up.