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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!

Wishing everyone of our readers a happy and safe holiday weekend!  Merry Christmas and all that stuff from The Can Ball Report!


We at The Can Ball Report just want to thank all of our readers for stopping by up to now and giving us an outlet for all the otherwise useless information that is stored in our collective brains.  We hope you will continue to stop by regularly, check out our news and updates and occasionly comment on what we have to say.  Have a very Merry Christmas and safe holiday weekend.  And just for fun, we've included our very own Can Ball Report wish list for the guy that blesses us with presents under the green, prickly tree in the corner of our living rooms ...


The Can Ball Report’s Christmas Wish List

1 – That the basketball community in Canada be able to grow

2 – A great second half of the basketball season for all our NCAA collegians

3 – More exposure for basketball at all levels in the media          

4 – The growth of the CIS Basketball Tournament to 16 teams

5 – Canada Basketball gets more mainstream media coverage and support

6 – More attention gets paid to our grass roots basketball development

7 – A governing body emerges soon to help regulate the various grass roots programs nation wide

8 – That our professional basketball teams not the Raptors gave great seasons in their leagues

9 – That some of our many great Canadian basketball coaches get to coach outside of the country more this year

10 – That our basketball community collective help push each other to better the game in our country


… Oh yeah, and 1990 Nike Flight suit in white and purple in XL show up in my stocking along with world peace. 


May the holiday by plentiful, fun and safe to you all.  See you in a few days …