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Lunchbox Links

Let's kick off the links by welcoming Detroit Bad Boys to SB Nation! Let's hope they get to blog about the Detroit Pistons' sixth straight loss this evening.

Check out previews of tonight's game from, the National Post and Raptors Republic.

Do not confuse the Raptors' Young Guns with these Young Guns.

The endless source of comedy that is Doug Smith's Toronto Raptors blog has yet another gem today. Mr. Smith thinks Jose Calderon is "not nearly as bad a defender as so many of you think." I guess making opposing point guards look like two-time MVP Steve Nash on offence qualifies as being "not bad" defensively. Even if you're a fan of Numero Ocho, you have to admit he'd probably have trouble keeping a WNBA player in front of him.

TSN's Tim Chisholm weighs in on the emerging point guard issue in Toronto, as well as the impact Jarrett Jack has had on guys like Hedo Turkoglu and Andrea Bargnani.

Which free-agent signing from last offseason might be causing a team to have buyer's remorse? The name Turkoglu seems to come up a lot during's roundtable.

But I'm confused. Why doesn't Mr. 4th Quarter show up on this NY Times list of clutch performers?

Turkoglu was also part of the decade's worst draft class (although he'd probably be selected second if they had to do it over again).

One of the more troubling aspects of watching the Raptors struggle is the fact that their expansion cousins, the Memphis Grizzlies, are beginning to roar.

Being dad has Chris Bosh feeling festive.

Former Raptor Charles Oakley on the good, the bad and the ugly in NBA style. (via Ball Don't Lie)