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Raptors Rapid Recap - Toronto "Way Too Little" - Atlanta "Way Too Many"

- I expected a loss but I didn't expect this. The Raps not only lost badly but never seemed to care that they were getting blown out. The wheels are falling off quickly and I am not sure anyone, including BC, knows what to do with this situation.

- Obviously a terrible game by Bosh and all of the starters outside of DeMar DeRozan. The energy just wasn't there and they continue to play porous defense. Atlanta abused Toronto in the paint and had their way on the offensive end. It was an embarrassing performance for the Raps giving up 146 points. Yeah I would say that's too many.  

- Atlanta is a force and will be in the second season as well. They play hard, have a roster of scorers and after years of basement dwelling now have a legit roster. I can see them making a deep run in the playoffs.

- The Hawks had 9 people with double digit scoring. The only player for the Hawks not scoring on this evening was Jason Collins. I didn't even know Jason Collins was still in the league.

- All kidding aside I am not sure what the Raps can do to fix this situation. All ideas are welcome at this point.

- The Raps are now 6 games under .500. If they continue to lose games at this pace all playoff hopes will be gone by Christmas. Yeah things are pretty dire at this point.