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Being a Toronto sports fan sucks. The Blue Jays traded Roy Halladay and Chris Bosh should be plying his trade south of the border next season. As one of Bill Simmons' readers points out:

By August... Canada's best non-hockey player would be either Hedo Turkoglu or Aaron Hill.

Looking for an excuse for Toronto's early-season struggles? Blame the schedule! Just don't blame rookie DeMar DeRozan.

Tonight's matchup looks like an easy win on paper, as the two-win New Jersey Nets roll into town. Check out the previews from, the National Post and Raptors Republic.

Toronto is one of five NBA teams looking for a turnaround.

The Fan 590's Eric Smith thinks this five-game stretch could make or break the season for the Raptors.

TSN's Tim Chisholm thinks Hedo Turkoglu is facing unfair criticism... even though he "is basically performing within the averages he set in his time in Orlando and is shooting better from the floor than he did last year for the Magic's Finals-bound squad." Fair enough, but it just reinforces why those of us at the HQ were horrified by the signing to begin with.

If they lose to the Nets tonight, it might be time to pay closer attention to the top 10 propspects in SLAM's 2010 NBA Mock Draft.

According to the Sporting News' Bethlehem Shoals, Amir Johnson is one of six players who need to be traded.

The Miami Sun-Sentinel's Ira Winderman continues to field questions about Bosh playing for the Heat. I'm sensing a pattern with his mailbags.

Could Bosh, LeBron James and Tracy McGrady form the East's next "Big Three"?