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3 In The Key - Toronto Raptors Game Day Preview vs. New Jersey

Heading into tonight's match-up vs. the Nets there isn't much to say as the Raptors face their first absolute must win of the season.

A victory had better be in the works.

There's really very little to say prior to tonight's game.

This is a must win for the Raps. Note however, they don't have to win this game to stay in the hunt for the bottom playoff positions. Rather, they have to win this game because if they don't this team is going to lose a lot of fan support and people will start calling for major changes.

There are definite grumblings within the fan base about the condition of this team and countless suggestions of what must be done. 

Just looking through the comments from the recap of the game against Orlando there are countless suggestions of what needs to be done to fix this team. Some suggest firing Triano and replacing him with Micah Nori while others suggest tanking the season for a shot at John Wall. 

Things have gotten so dire we've seen the triumphant return of long time community member Bargsbust. 

There are grey clouds gathering over the ACC right now and if the Raps lose tonight all may go dark.

Unlike in season's past where the New Jersey match-ups were highly anticipated, now that Vince Carter is in Orlando there is little "buzz" when these teams meet. Rightfully so.

New Jersey started the season with the longest losing streak in NBA history and they are really starting from scratch now having completely moved on from the Carter/Jefferson/Kidd combo. In New Jersey they have done something that many have suggested BC do....blow it up and start again.

There are some nice young pieces on this Nets squad in the likes of Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, Franchise favorite CDR and my favorite prospect last season Terrence Williams, but it will take time before they amount to much. The Raptors have way more talent and experience than this Nets team.

That being said don't think the Nets are going to roll over. If you were playing for the Nets wouldn't you feel good about your chances tonight facing a team against the ropes and who can't stop anyone on the defensive end? The Nets will be up for this game.

Now usually I would discuss three keys to tonight's game but as the season has worn on it has become apparent that the Raps have a difficult time trying to do one thing right let lone three. So the key to tonight's game is just to win at all costs. 

Although it looks to be an easy match-up tonight the Raptors are in a tough position. In tonight's game there is no upside to be had. A win is expected. A loss would be unacceptable. 

Tune in here at game time for the Game Day Thread, it should be a live one.