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Tip-In: Toronto Raptors Post Game Report - What Now?

The Raptors were in the Magic Kingdon last night but there was nothing magical in how they played.

Another blow-out loss for the Raps leaves Howland grasping at straws.

Oh my.

It's getting pretty tough to watch at this point.

In fact talking about the lack of effort, the bad defense and the constant mental errors is getting tiring. There is actually very little to talk about after the 118-99 loss to the Orlando that everyone has not read and talked about before.

Last night was no different than many other nights this season. You have heard this story before:

  • The Raps allowed their opponent to score over 100 points.
  • The effort just wasn't good enough and when the team fell behind they showed no fight.
  • The Raps were dominated in almost every facet of the game and allowed their opponent to shoot well over 50% from the field.
  • The result was another lopsided Raptors loss.

 After last night I am left wondering whether anything is actually changing. Sure there has been a lot of talk but there has been nothing to back up the spoken word.

We are now close to 30 games into the season and I can honestly say I have seen no improvement since the first pre-season game at the John Labatt Centre in London Ontario.

That was more than two and a half months ago.

The question that has to be asked is when, if ever, will things change?

My guess is that things are not going to change with the status quo and I don't think we are far from the point where BC has to acknowledge this. How many more blow-out losses are required before something has to give?

RIght now the Raps have to be turning into the laughing stock of the league. There are few teams who can make Anthony Johnson look like he's 25 again and right now the opponents starters know that they will likely spend the fourth quarter chilling on the bench with a comfortable lead.

The problem is I just don't see many options for BC. He can't fire Triano as there is no chance that MLSE will pay THREE coaches at one time, the market for Turkoglu is going to be limited give his age, contract and production (who knew?!), and trading arguably the best young PF in the league would be a tough pill to swallow.

I don't envy the position the Legomaster has put himself in. He has collected some pretty poor pieces that just don't add up to much. Soon the spotlight is going to shine squarely on Colangelo and he will have to answer for the bind he has put this franchise in.

It's not that this team doesn't have talent. There is talent on this team. The biggest issue is that they are not working as a unit and they are not playing for each other. That is bad, but it gets worse. There is nothing to point to that would suggest the team is about to "turn the corner".

Just how bad were things last night? Well as pointed out in the Game Day Thread Marcin Gortat had 7 rebounds which would have be a team high for the Raptors last night and he only played 10 minutes. That's pathetic and a damning statement for Mr. Bargnani and Mr. Bosh.

The most disappointing performance last night however, was that of Mr. Turkoglu. On a night when he was matched up against his old mates in Orlando you would have thought he would come out with some serious energy. Not so. Once again Turk was underwhelming. What was telling was that the Orlando fans seemed to greet him with a laissez-faire attitude. He has been easily replaced and forgotten.

To be honest, right now might be the lowest I have ever felt about this team. Rather than being a pleasure to come home and watch a game it is starting to feel like a chore. It's just not that fun to see these guys get trampled and do nothing to stop it. It's disheatening. At least when we went through the dark ages (after Vince was traded) guys showed some fight.

The only positive for the Raps right now is that they face the New Jersey Nets on Friday. Not only is that the most winnable game in the league right now but I get to see Terrence Williams.

I have to ask though, what happens if they lose that game?