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Raptors Rapid Recap - Orlando 118 - Toronto 99

 -Another Raptors' game, another blowout loss.  I talked about this in this morning's post but that makes 11 on the season in terms of losses of 13 or more points.  Again, by comparison, the 2005-06 Raptors' club that started 1 and 17 lost by 13 or more points only 13 times all season that year.

-Any positives to be gleamed?  Precious few.  Toronto allowed the Magic to shoot almost 70 PER CENT through most of this one and one could argue were never really in it.

-Chris Bosh led Toronto with 20 points and 6 rebounds but again just didn't have that extra bounce in his step.  (Cue the "he's not giving the effort any more because this team is so bad" stories and rumours.)  The rest of the team was fairly invisible aside from Hedo Turkoglu's early forays to the foul line (he was nine of nine on the night) and the occasional bench highlight.  The bench in fact managed to get this one within 5 in the first half but after the starters returned, it was all downhill.

-For Orlando, they busted this one open early with a barrage of 3 pointers and they finished 14 of 30 on the night.  This decimated the Raps' meager defensive efforts and soon the lanes opened up for the likes of Matt Barnes (20 points) and Anthony "Grampa" Johnson (13.)

-Up next for TO on what's slowly becoming the most disapointing season in team history? - The New Jersey Nets.  And while this one looks like an easy W on paper (Nets are 2 and 24 on the season), with the way Toronto's played of late, fans know this could be a battle in reality.


PS - Tune in to the Fan590 right now to hear RaptorsHQ's Ray Bala (Canball report) talk ball with Zack Cooper and other guests!